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How to choose an e-liquid

Welcome to the world of electronic cigarettes! Choosing the right e-liquid depends on your preference and taste. However, if you are new to the world of vaping (vapor liquids used to fuel electronic cigarettes), you are likely to get overwhelmed by the enormous selection choices available! Hundreds of e-liquid suppliers are available today and it’s not easy to pick just one. So many e-liquid options are there to choose from. There are DIY (Do it yourself) home brewers, to local shops and various multi-national e-liquid companies available to sell a variety of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. Choosing the right option for yourself is the tricky part. Here's our guide to help you decide the one that suits you best.

Before moving forward, let us discuss why vaping has become the new trend for smokers? The electronic cigarette was invented for regular cigarette smokers to help them quit cigarettes. It's more like an electronic device that works with a flavored fuel of your choice. It creates a vapor that you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from regular cigarettes. How the e-liquid kicks in is quite simple, the e-liquid fuels your electronic cigarette and provides the nicotine solution along with flavoring. So it feels like you are smoking an ordinary tobacco filled cigarette while in reality you're only smoking the juice that's filled in your electronic cigarette. Now choosing the right kind of juice is the whole thing.

1. Choose the right brand
The first criteria for selecting the right e-liquid is going for the right brand. There are several companies selling e-liquids nowadays and they cannot be trusted as they do not use pure ingredients to make their juices. Some e-liquids contain distilled water or added alcohol to make the cigarette harder. So choosing the right brand is important. There is a broad range of brands available to choose from. All e-liquid is made up of four core ingredients:  propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and added flavoring. You can get cheaper imported Chinese products or you can go for substandard Do it yourself home brews but it is highly risky to choose those. They do not come with any authenticity or guarantee and they could turn out to be harmful as well. That is why we strongly advise you to choose a premium brand for yourself. A brand that gives you laboratory tested and verified product. Such brand usually uses laboratory grade nicotine and state verified PG and VG.

What is PG?
Basically, PG is a clear liquid without any detectable smell; it carries the flavor in the juice. It is said to be safe for use by the FDA; it is categorized as a preservative in foods, health care and beauty products. It is the most commonly used ingredient in the base. It can also be found in other commonly used products such as toothpaste, shampoo and face wash. The UK medical regulation has confirmed that PG is safe to use as a nicotine replacement therapy. Further medical research has also reported that it does not have any adverse effects on the human body. However, some people seem to have a PG allergy that could cause skin rash, skin puffiness or some breathing difficulties. This can be mitigated by the use of a higher % VG juice. Increased hydration also helps cure the allergy caused by PG. PG gives the best crisp flavor but on the downside, it provides lower vapor production and might cause mild allergies. In some cases, for people who do not feel satisfied with PG can switch to higher volume VG juice.

What is VG?
VG is Vegetable Glycerin that is made from plants and has a sweet flavor to it. Even though PG produces the vape from the e-liquid, it is VG that produces most of the smoke or 'cloud' during the vaping process. People who like to exhale bigger clouds prefer high VG juices. VG is also FDA approved and considered as a safe ingredient widely. Since it is a 100% natural ingredient derived from vegetables and plant oils. VG is thick in density and produces thicker or rather heavier clouds of vapor as compared to PG-based liquids. VG is a stronger base for big smoke production. However, on the downside, VG often fails to give the accurate flavoring due to its sweetness and does not give the perfect throat hit either. People who want more flavor and less smoke would rather go for a PG based liquid whereas individuals who like more vapor clouds would prefer VG based liquids. It all depends on one's personal preference and taste.

There are different ratios of PG/VG available in e-liquids and you can find your perfect fit as per your taste. There's 50/50, 40/60, 80/20 and 100% PG or 100% VG available.

2. Other essential factors
Nicotine is the ingredient which gives the thrill of smoking. It is a naturally occurring substance found in plants it’s more like caffeine found in coffee beans. It is a stimulant that helps you relax and stay alerted. However, nicotine could be a toxin if overdosed or taken in excess. The level of nicotine available in e-liquids is different. It’s up to you to determine your need. For instance, a 12mg juice is said to be low-medium level whereas an 18mg juice is medium-high. It is all up to your need for consumption of nicotine.

Apart from that, flavoring is also another considerable factor. You will have to figure out which flavor you like the most and it won't happen without a little experimentation. For instance, you could be a chocoholic and love the smell of cocoa but it is not necessary that you will like the chocolate flavored juice. Several companies offer trial packs, so it is better to try out a few range of varieties before deciding to buy.
Once you've found your pick that is durable and trustworthy, it is up to you to find or rather develop your flavor for vaping. One thing that makes e-cigarettes more interesting and less boring is the fact that there are thousands of flavors, blends and varieties to choose from! So make the best pick!  

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