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Smoking is injurious to health as it destroys your respiratory system and causes significant damage to other organs as well but sadly, smoking has become the most common habit in our society today. Every other person is a smoker and this habit has become so contagious and addictive that people find it nearly impossible to quit. Some people even go to rehab to quit smoking for good but seldom succeed. Many doctors say that involving in healthy recreational activities helps in quitting cigarettes for good but according to people who smoke on a regular basis; this doesn't seem to work either. As per the survey, many smokers admitted that they have tried to quit smoking but have failed; which is why the idea of electronic cigarettes was conceived. So far, Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since their initial launch a few years back. The main idea was to create a device that gives the feel of a real cigarette but is just a device that works with a chemically developed juice with flavorings. The e-cigarette is fueled with e-liquid also called e-juice that creates smoke through vapors and comes in various flavors. 

Ever since its evolution, the e-cigarette has gained momentum and a lot of people are giving it a try. For some of you who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, we give you some advice on how to use them.

There are a few basic electronic cigarette tips for you so that you can get the coolest, smoothest and totally enjoyable e-smoking experience ever. For those who have already tried electronic cigarettes but didn't like the experience, you can catch some of our tips below and try again. Rest assured that you will get an amazing e-smoking experience if you try these tips.

 Tips and Tricks

- Prime your puffs

Even though automatic batteries are commonly preferred if one wants to have an e-smoking experience same as smoking a cigarette, they happen to give out less vapor per puff as compared to manual batteries. It is due to the short delay between the vapor being produced and drawing on the e-cigarette. However, with a manual battery, your puffs can be primed by holding down the button for some seconds. Similarly, you can get the same effect with an automatic battery if you take a couple of primer puffs before going for the longer puff.

- Don't fill over the line

The vaporizing process of e-liquid is pretty much the same whether you use a regular atomizer or a cartomizer. What happens is that a heating coil is wrapped around a wick which heats up the e-juice to produce vapor. The remaining heat then makes more e-juice to be drawn from the connected tank. Excess of e-juice gives you a bad experience. If you hear any gurgling sound while drawing on your e-cigarette then most probably you've added a lot of e-liquid and its starts to flood. So the tip is to keep the e-juice limited.

- Try different e-liquids

Experimenting with e-liquids is always fun! Since there are so many brands and countless flavors available you can always keep experimenting and never get bored. There is a huge range to choose from and you can change your flavors from time to time. This is one thing that makes smoking an electronic cigarette more fun and exciting. Moreover, all e-liquids are formed of the same formula. They use a base that consists of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a mixture of both to stabilize the flavors and to produce better smoke effect after vaping. So it's safe to try new e-liquids because the only thing that makes them different from each other is their flavoring.

- Try to drip once at least

We've seen that there are people who prefer atomizers over cartomizers mainly because they lack filler material that blocks the amount of vapor that hits your mouth. The issue is that you eradicate this benefit while using an atomizer that has a disposable cartridge. They're all packed with dense, saturated foam that prevents the vapor from going into your mouth readily.

We suggest, instead of using a cartridge try to use a hollow drip tip. It will let you add drops of your e-liquid directly into the atomizer. This will allow you to enjoy larger vapor puffs with extra flavor due to less airflow blockage.

- Always charge your battery

The resistance of your e-cigarette's atomizer will usually remain the same as you continue to use it, but the amount of charge in your battery can drain gradually as you use it which could result in a dippy voltage and consequently you will get less vapor production if you use a partially charges battery.

If you use a high capacity battery, you're likely to notice it more often. The idea for better vapor production is always to have a charged battery before smoking the e-cigarette.

- Get a better battery

Since an electronic cigarette is an electronic device, the purpose of having a good battery is high. Using a battery with better capacity has a lot of advantages to it. The best one is your vapor production, better and fully charges battery promises to give you more vapors than regular charges batteries. If you use different kinds of cartomizers, then you should go for large capacity battery. Smaller batteries are likely to give poor performance because they are unable to deliver the kind of power that high-load attachments need. Some devices might even stop working with low resistance batteries. So investing in a better battery is always a good idea.

- Quit cigarettes and be a full-time e-smoker!

Traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are poles apart. The efficiency by which the nicotine enters your body, the taste, the texture and the way that you smoke them are all different. Although e-cigarettes give you the same experience as tobacco filler cigarettes, they are not harmful and injurious to health. If you completely switch to smoking an e-cigarette, your craving for normal tobacco filled cigarette will vanish altogether.

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