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Premium E-Liquids

The invention of electronic cigarettes has brought a great revolution for smokers all around the world. It is helping them switch from regular tobacco filled cigarettes to fueled electric ones. This change is helping them maintain a healthy life as the use of tobacco and nicotine becomes less. However, a lot of people are still unaware of electronic cigarettes and its mechanism. An electronic cigarette is supposed to be filled with an e-liquid or e-juice, it is a fluid made up of PG (propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), artificial flavoring and a bit of nicotine. All e-liquid is made up of the same formula. However, the range of flavors and types varies from brand to brand. For those who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, we give you a guide to select from some of the most premium selection choices of e-liquids.

We have tried to make a summary of the most highly rated and premium vape juices available on the market today. There are numerous categories to choose from! One of the best and most attractive things of electronic cigarettes is the fact that you get a million choices to pick from. From different flavorings to proportional mixes of the formula to a long list of brands, there are a lot of choices available. It is up to you to make your pick according to your taste or experiment with new ones.

Premium E-liquids and Vape Juices for you!

People who are new to vaping and don't know which e-juice to try and what ratios of PG/VG to choose from have a hard time picking the most appropriate e-juice for them. The e-juice brands are vendors that we have gathered in this article are reviewed and tested and therefore you can trust to choose from these brands. All of them are of very high-quality e-liquids that are produced in clean and hygienic room facilities. We believe that it is essential for vaping that you get high-quality e-liquids that can easily be trusted because at the end this stuff will be entering your lungs, so it's crucial that it should be safe and hygienic enough to use. 

- Premium E-liquids for beginners

As per our observation, most beginners start vaping with a mouth to lung kind of approach. The same inhale style that is done with regular cigarettes. This causes a more restricted air flow. However, in the recent days, we have noticed that vapers are shifting to sub-ohm vaping, which is a much airier draw. Moreover, e-liquid used for the mouth to lung inhaling style vaping commonly contains a higher PG ratio to give a better throat hit, to give a more natural smoking experience. Below, we have mentioned a list of vape juices with higher PG ratio most appropriate for the mouth to lung vapers.


Vaporfi is a large US based vaping firm. They are mostly famous for their high-quality premium e-liquids and amazing vaping hardware.


Apollo is popular in US and UK through their commendable website. They feature four ranges of fantastic e-liquids. Apollo has something in store for all different kinds of vapers so you will never be disappointed with Apollo.


Halo E-juices were one of the first e-liquid brands that were reviewed and are still one the best e-liquids out there. They offer a range of 25 different world-class blends to choose from. Every bottle of Halo e-juice comes with best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-proof caps. When you purchase Halo’s brands of e-liquid, you know you’re getting premium.


If you are looking for premium tobacco and menthol blends, then Black note e-juice is the right pick for you. They extract their e-liquids from natural tobacco leaves giving a more natural and real feel. Its extensive extraction process ensures that you get the best tasting tobacco e-juice.


Here is a brand that doesn't need an introduction. They are one of the giant e-liquid firms in the US right now. Their customer service is highly remarkable and they produce reasonably priced e-juices in the business. If you think that their e-juices could be of bad quality due to mediocre prices, then think again because they produce premium quality e-juices on a very reasonable budget.

- Best Tobacco vape juice

As mentioned earlier, Black Note E-juice is the premium choice for best tobacco e-juices as they are made from natural tobacco extracts and promise to give you a more natural taste of tobacco along with the regular spicy tinge of flavor that comes in smoke. For vapers who need hardcore smoking experience kind of feel, you should opt for Black Note e-juice.

- Premium E-Juices for Sub Ohm Vaping (Higher % VG)


Halo are popular for taking their PG line flavors to high VG series known as the Halo High V-Type line. This is undoubtedly one of the highly anticipated VG lines that have hit the market in a long time. These high V-type liquids are not only high on VG but give a broad range of nicotine selection. For those who want different ranges of nicotine ratios can try this one.


Sub ohm vaping tanks are still being tested and for that process, we have gone through lots of bottles of Fa-Q Max VG E-juice. This range is about 75% VG. It is originally a sub-brand of Apollo.


The Njoy Artist Collection has been reviewed recently and we have heard some great words about this line. The packaging and flavor mixes have been praised highly. So we recommend that this one should not be missed!


This line of e-juice gives an organic mix of VG e-juices. This one so far the purest and the most premium max VG ejuices out there and we suggest that those looking for max VG ejuices should try this one.

We hope this summary of different kinds of e-juices was helpful for folks who are looking for great flavors and mixes for vaping.

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