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The evolution of electronic cigarettes has brought a new wave for smokers in the present day world. It is doing it good by making them quit those tobacco filled cigarettes that are obviously injurious to health and could even cause cancer. For this cause, some geniuses came up with the idea of electronic cigarettes, a device that is fueled up with electronic juices to produce vapors like real cigarette smoke. This exercise is commonly known as vaping. Vaping gives the feel of a regular tobacco filled cigarette while in reality it is just a fake smoke made up with the help of the ingredients present in the e-liquid. However, this practice has proved to be helpful for a lot of people and they have happily switched from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and are living healthier lives. 

- Why to choose a premium e-liquid:

Now, let us talk about the ingredients that are used in the e-liquids. All e-liquids are made up of four core ingredients: PG Propylene Glycol, VG Vegetable Glycerin, some percentage of nicotine and additional flavorings. These are the base ingredients for all e-liquids. Now, some brands claim to be selling "Premium" e-liquids on high prices. These e-liquids are known to be of high quality and reliable. What makes these premium e-liquids different? We discussed and jotted down a few factors that make the premium e-juices a bit different and better than the regular ones. Even though the core ingredients of all e-juices are the same, there are a few unique things found in the premium e-liquids.

1- The Proportion of ingredients

The first thing found different in the premium brands of e-juices is the variety of ingredient proportions. Many vapers have different styles and tastes in vaping and some of them constantly need to try something new. That is why many popular brands have come up with e-juices that have different ratios of ingredients in them. For instance, some people like more smoke and less flavor, for them a higher % VG juice is the best. Similarly, there are many vapers out there who use electronic cigarettes merely because of the million flavors available for vaping, for such consumers vendors produce high % PG juices that carry better flavors because the propylene glycol is odorless and flavorless, so it carries better texture of flavorings and give a more natural feel. Moreover, appropriate proportions of nicotine are also available in premium e-liquids. It varies from person to person the percentage of nicotine he wishes to consume. Moreover, there are combinations of PG and VG available as well. For instance, some people like to keep it balanced, so they choose 50% PG and 50% VG juices, while others like more flavor and fewer vapors and vice versa so they tend to opt for other ratios of PG and VG combinations. As mentioned before, it's all up to one's personal taste and preference.

2- The Packaging

The second appealing thing to choose a premium e-liquid is its premium packaging. E-liquids are basically chemical based juices and must be preserved in a container that is durable and does not react adversely to the chemical formula otherwise it could cause a harmful reaction. So, premium brands of e-liquids make sure to preserve their juices infancy thick glass bottles. Extraction of the juice from these bottles is convenient as compared to other plastic squeezy containers. Other than that, the fancy packaging is also a strong selling point for premium e-juices. A lot of brands come up with creative and unique ideas to design the e-juice package. For instance, there is a popular brand that uses a skull shaped bottle as containers and then there is another brand that uses a dice shaped bottle. So there are plenty of attractive packaging available in the premium e-juice lines.

3- Better taste

The ultimate selling point for premium lines of e-liquids is the fact that it carries better crisp textured taste that literally gives a premium feel to vaping. Most premium brands use natural flavorings and extract their flavors from more natural resources rather than artificial flavors. So premium e-liquids promise to give you a better taste. Although they do cost more as compared to regular juices they give you the best taste of vaping for sure. We suggest that you go for premium brands like; Appollo e-juice, black note e-juice, Halo e-juice, MT baker vapor e-juice, etc. These are a few top selling premium e-juice brands available on the market today.

Premium e-Liquid is typically a significantly more complex blend of flavors, rather than "house juice."  House juice can be inconsistent, i.e. no quality control.  Premium e-Liquid, however, is produced in a safe lab / mixing facility, including a clean room, head to toe safety, as well as accurate quality control.  The latter ensures that you get the flavor, you are expecting every time you make a purchase.  House juice could be made in a lab (non-cost effective for most), a garage, a bathroom, a kitchen - virtually every "wrong" place for e-Liquid production.

The very best way to choose a premium e-Liquid is to do your research.  One of the easiest ways to do so is to read reviews.  Pick a brand or pick a particular flavor and read those reviews.  Consumer feedback is the true measurement of how good a premium e-Liquid really is.

What's new on the market:

It won't be easy to name all the number of brands available in the e-liquid industry today. One of the most attractive things about electronic cigarettes is the sole fact that it offers an enormous range of e-liquids to choose from. So there is always something new on the market when it comes to e-juices. These days a lot of brands have started offering bundle offers like they are selling a pack of 6 e-juices at a very reasonable price. Other than that, new flavors are being introduced as well. The Freesmoke Collection has been reviewed recently, and we have heard some great words about this line. The packaging and flavor mixes have been praised highly. So we recommend that this one should not be missed.

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