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Privacy Notice

In impresschauffeurs.com.au We value your privacy huge, it is important, what information we collect and use personal data to understand. This statement is our life acting your privacy, collect and store information on the commitments we
Automatic Data Capture
Due to the nature of the Internet, it certain information like IP address that you use is transferred the browser automatically to us. And part of the reason for our further development of the information collected pure statistics, we track consumer behavior on the site, but do not give your personal information to these statistics. All messages sent similar information is also transmitted together. This information is not stored.
Personal information
We do not require customers were asked to make a purchase in order to surf the web any information about it, only a few details. Some information such as delivery address, store and re-exposure for your convenience, but this information is not available to everyone, but you
For impresschauffeurs.com.au Store, it requires cookies to be enabled in your browser. However, this is not necessary to simply search the site. All personal data stored in a cookie, just a unique identifier for us. Due to the nature of cookies, these records are not made available to third parties. If you
a shared computer, such as Internet cafes or libraries, so you can end the connection and / or impresschauffeurs.com.au of Zodee Club, if you are over your privacy delete each cookie.
Use of Personal Information
We highly confidential information we collect from you. Except as noted below, we will not reveal, disclose, transmit, sell, lease, distribute, share, or a license to a third party, you can give us without your express consent to any personal information. < br />
The exceptions are:
Where there is reason to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health;
Where is impresschauffeurs.com.au Private Limited by law to provide the information.
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